Terms & Conditions for Pre-paid Service

There is no deposit required for pre-paid service. If you are an existing member, any deposit currently held by Valley Electric on your behalf will be applied toward your outstanding balance first, with any remaining deposit applied to future usage. All charges and unbilled usage must be paid before an account can be converted to a pre-paid account.

To establish pre-paid service a minimum payment amount of $110.00 will be required which includes a $60.00 non-refundable connection fee and a $50.00 credit balance towards future energy usage. You will not receive a monthly power bill. Account balance, daily usage, charges, and payments can be viewed online at www.vea.coop or on your mobile device via the SmartHub App. If you choose to create an online SmartHub account, alerts are provided as a convenience only. Valley Electric cannot guarantee delivery of any alerts.


Failure to properly maintain adequate funding may result in disconnection without further notice. Valley Electric provides alert notifications free of charge, but certain notifications may incur applicable network, text, or data charges from your service carrier. Paper disconnect notices will not be mailed.

Payments can be made online at www.vea.coop, on your mobile device via the Smart Hub App, at any VEA payment Kiosk, in the Valley Electric office during business hours, or over the phone with a checking account, debit or credit card, or by mail. If you decide to mail your payment, be sure to allow enough time for your payment to be received by our office to avoid disconnect. Valley Electric highly recommends not mailing your pre-paid payment as it may not be received in a timely manner and cause your power to be disconnected.

There are no late fees, non-pay disconnect or non-pay reconnect charges. Minimum charges are calculated at a daily rate. Pre-paid accounts are not eligible for credit extensions, payment arrangements, budget billing, or electronic funds transfers. Any energy assistance will be applied to the pre-paid account once our office receives payment. If a returned item is received on the account, the amount of the returned item and a $30 returned item fee will be applied to your account immediately. If this causes the credit on the account to be exhausted, the service will be disconnected. A full settlement of the account shall be made when participation in the service ends.

If, at any time, you want to convert back to a postpaid account, a deposit will be required, which will be based on two times the highest bill at the location in addition to any charges associated with transferring the account back to a postpaid account.

Electric service will be subject to automatic disconnection if at any time the account does not have a credit balance. If service is disconnected, any outstanding balance and the minimum credit balance of $25.00 must be paid before service will be restored. If an account is disconnected and does not re-activate within 7 days, the account will be considered closed and billing will be finalized. If pre-paid service needs to be reactivated after 7 days, a $60.00 non-refundable connect fee and a $50.00 credit balance towards future energy usage will need to be paid.

I understand and agree to the terms of this agreement and furthermore understand that it is my responsibility to make sure that I maintain a credit balance in my pre-paid account to continue electric service.