Valley Electric Association, Inc. is the parent of four wholly-owned subsidiary companies. VEA created each subsidiary to serve the membership by focusing on particular service niches. Structuring our businesses in this way allows the cooperative to fulfill its core mission of providing reliable, affordable energy service to our member-consumers, while branching out into new and diverse markets, creating additional revenue streams.

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Valley Electric Association (VEA)

Established in 1965 as an electric cooperative, VEA provides service to more than 45,000 people within a vast 6,800 square-mile service area located along the Nevada-California border.

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Regulatory Compliance and Support

Provide NERC transmission operator (top), transmission owner (to), transmission provider (tp), distribution provider (dp) compliance, and regulatory support.

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Valley Electric Energy Services (VEES)

For the purpose of engaging in wholesale and retail electric sales both within and outside the state of Nevada.

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Capital Partnership

Infrastructure and power supply funding through strategic partnerships.

Strategic Policy Guidance

Regionalization, customer choice, aggregation, state, and federal policy.

Competitive Energy Supply

Integrated resource planning, wholesale power purchasing for customers, renewable components, and solar facilities.

Energy Conservation Programs

Demand-side management, net-energy metering, and feed-in tariff.

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Valley Electric Services Company (VESC)

Formed to meet the needs of clients operating electric systems. VESC can supply operational, engineering, compliance, and support services needed to reliably run electrical systems.

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Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC)

Permitting, siting, design, procurement and construction management, project management, and coordination.

California Independent Service Operators (CAISO) Participation

Participating transmission owner, utility distribution company, and load-serving entity services.

Call Center Services

Process customer calls and provides troubleshooting services for electrical, broadband, and other member services.

Transmission and Distribution Services

Inspect, maintain, and repair transmission lines, construct new lines or replace existing infrastructure, emergency response and repairs, and vegetation management in compliance with NERC reliability standards for transmission facilities.

Substation Services

Perform monthly, annual and periodic inspections, and testing of substation elements including transformers, breakers, switches, batteries, system protection (relaying), and remote terminal units (RTUs). commission and test new equipment, perform troubleshooting, and wiring verification.

Engineering Studies

Sectionalizing, system-protection coordination, short-circuit, planning and expansion, load and voltage analyses, generation interconnection studies, relay, and recloser programming.

System Planning

Long-range planning, NERC transmission provider requirements, CAISO transmission planning process requirements, and generation & load interconnection studies, load flow, short circuit, facility impact, relay coordination, and programming. Develop GIS models for use in engineering studies and dispatching, data management and analysis, fiber assignments and routing.

24/7 Transmission/Distribution Dispatch

Operating, switching, monitoring, coordination with other transmission/distribution entities, dispatching crews, and coordinating fieldwork. North American electric reliability corporation (nerc) certified operators.

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Valley Electric transmission Association (VETA)

A wholly owned transmission subsidiary of Valley Electric Association, VETA provides transmission services as a participating transmission owner and transmission operator in the California ISO.

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Valley Communication Association (VCA)

Established in 2015, VCA brings fiber-optic and wireless broadband to the underserved rural, remote communities in VEA’s service area. VCA’s long-term goal is to expand modern broadband to rural communities of Nevada.

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Development & Deployment of Communications Infrastructure

Design, develop, and deployment of wireless and fiber infrastructure to support supervisory control and data acquisitions (SCADA), metering, system protection, security, broadband, and more.


Monitoring and troubleshooting fiber, microwave, and telecom networks at both the utility level and customer side.

SolPower by Valley Electric Association (VEA) is Valley’s own solar company serving all VEA members.

We are a full-service solar company specializing in the design, installation, finance, maintenance, and warranty of solar electric systems.

Our systems are built to utility standards for our members. SolPower provides the same high-quality service and reliability that Valley Electric Association is known for.