The Board of Directors establishes policies to provide direction for the operation of Valley Electric Association. Policies are intended to support and complement the Bylaws.  Policies are the major source of information used to develop operating procedures.

Over the course of the past year, the policies have been reviewed by the Policy Committee, Staff, The Board of Directors and Legal.

It is the recommendation of the Board of Directors that the policies be reviewed annually.


Board of Directors and CEO Duties & Responsibilities

Relationship Between Articles of Incorporation, Bylaw, Policies and Procedures

Adjustment to Retail Electric Rates

Association Risk Management Policy

Authorities, Duties and Responsibilities of the Board of Directors

Code of Ethics of Directors

Compensation, Expense Reimbursement and Benefits of Directors Policy 

Conflict of Interest

Delegation of Authorities and Responsibilities of the CEO

Director Anti-Harassment Policy

Director Drug & Alcohol Policy

Director Electronic Equipment Policy

Energy Risk Management Policy

Financial Policy

Meeting Officiated By The Board of Directors



Member Services

Broadband Acceptable Use

Discontinuance of Electric Service

Distributed Generation

Early Capital Credit Retirement

Easements and Right-Of-Way

Electric Line Extensions

Member Requests For Association Information

Member Responsibility For Electric Installation, Maintenance, Termination and Safety

Meters Installation


Purchasing of Electric Services

Smoking & Vaping