Board Committees

The Valley Electric Association Board of Directors created three committees to assist with the decision-making process and to build strong relationships among the membership, the board, and VEA staff. Each of the three committees is chaired by a Board member and is made up of Co-op members from each of the seven districts. The committees meet at least quarterly.


The Finance Committee reviews fiscal operations, financial statements, Board and CEO expenses, as well as the annual work plan and budget, rate issues, and external audit firms.

The Member Liaison Committee aids in communication, sharing of news and information, assists with research, and participates in community involvement and volunteerism.

The Policy & Bylaws Committee’s mission is to review and suggest changes to existing policies and make recommendations for new policies to the Board of Directors. The Policy & Bylaws Committee also assists, advises, and makes recommendations to the Board on the VEA Bylaws. This committee will review the Association’s policies and Bylaws on an annual basis.


Committees will be reviewed on an annual basis.

Please contact fill out the form below if you are interested in serving on any of the Valley Electric Association Board Committees.