2024 Board Candidate Election Form

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    If desired, please upload a resume here for the Nominating Committees consideration.
  • Article IV, Section 2 of VEA Bylaws:

    Qualifications. No person shall be eligible to become or remain a director of the Association who:

    1) 1. Is not a member in good standing and consumer of transmission, distribution, or energy service Being a “member in Good standing,” requires that the member shall not be in a state of default on any payments owed to, or accounts with, the Association over the previous 12 months.

    2) Is in any way employed by or financially interested in a competing enterprise, or in a business selling electric energy or supplies to the Association.

    3) Has been convicted of a felony prior to, or during, their term.

    4) Is not a primary permanent resident of the district from which the director is elected or chosen for at least one year prior to being elected or chosen.

    5) Is a current employee of the Association.

    6) Is employed by an agent of or is a close relative of an employee or agent of the Association. As used in these Bylaws, “close relative” means a person who, by blood, partnership, or law, including half, foster, step and adoptive kin, is either a spouse, child, grandchild, parent, grandparent, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, nephew or niece of the principal.