Kathleen Keyes

Board President

Kathleen Keyes was elected to represent District 4 (Fish Lake Valley) on the Valley Electric Association, Inc., Board in March 2019. She has been a Valley Electric Association Co-op member since 1999.

Recognizing the commitment necessary to serve on the Board, Kathleen says she is willing to devote the time and efforts to gain the knowledge required to make intelligent and informed decisions concerning the Co-op. The role of a Director is an important one, and one that she will take very seriously. “Many people, and sometimes their livelihoods, are impacted by our decisions as a Board.”

Kathleen ran unopposed and replaced John Maurer, who served four terms on the Board and did not seek re-election in 2019. “I would like to thank all of the Valley Electric Association members in Fish Lake Valley, Lida and Gold Point for electing me as the District 4 Director on VEA’s Board of Directors,” said Kathleen.

To prepare herself for Board responsibilities, Kathleen says she plans to take advantage of courses offered by the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association.

Before moving to Nevada in 2004, Kathleen lived in Buffalo, N.Y., where she worked for Adelphia Cable Communications, a company that supplied cable TV and pay-per-view, Internet, telephone and pager service to 5 million customers nationwide. Kathleen worked at their national data center as Computer Operations Supervisor for more than nine years.

In 1999, she purchased a home at Scotty’s Junction and moved there in 2004.

Kathleen, 58, and her husband, Ralph, have been married since 2009. They live in Fish Lake Valley, where they farm approximately 1,200 acres of alfalfa hay. Kathleen has two adult step-children.

She recently retired from the Fish Lake Valley Fire Department, where she volunteered as a firefighter, department secretary and as a Nevada licensed Emergency Medical Responder.

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