Brent Kaucky

My name is “Brent” Kaucky. I am a 30-year resident of Pahrump and to say Valley Electric Assoc. has played a major role in my life would be an understatement. My dad worked for VEA for 34 years starting when I was 3 years old. VEA has been good to my family, and I feel I’m now in a position to do the same for VEA and its members. I remember a time when this town and the members loved VEA, and I will work to restore the members’ faith in our co-op. I will do this by holding VEA accountable to its members and its employees. Neither the members nor VEA can afford to focus on the mistakes of past CEOs, or any other poor decision made that has created this situation. We must start working together to create a better future. As a board member, I will weigh every decision based on what will best benefit our co-op and its members. I will represent the members of District 6 to the best of my ability with every vote. I believe I can bring a fresh perspective to the board while listening to the people I represent. I’ve owned and operated a local business for 7 years. My experience operating a business can be put to use helping find solutions to problems in ways that can benefit both members and VEA. Operating an independent business has forced me to learn to be efficient and look for ways to be more economical. I will work to earn and keep the members’ faith in my position.