Valley Electric Receives 5-Star Designation For 2023-2024

By encouraging our members to be engaged in our country’s democratic process, Valley was able to achieve the 5-star Co-op status.  Valley accomplished this through the Co-ops Vote campaign, a program that is a non-partisan campaign encouraging rural voters to vote.  Not only was this to promote rural voters, but to develop relationships with elected officials.  By voting, we can ensure that rural American voices be heard.   By supporting and educating electrical cooperative members on the importance of voting, the Co-ops Vote program successfully achieved that goal.

Valley received the 5-star Co-op designation as it successfully completed tasked that urged our members to vote in this year’s historic election and make sure they are registered to vote.  We supported our members in making educated decisions about the future of this country and our cooperative.  Most importantly, to be an active participant in the democracy of the United States.