District 3 Board Candidate

Rob Shirley
District 3 Candidate

Rob Shirley was appointed to the VEA Board of Directors for District 3 in October of 2019. He is now running for the three-year director seat for District 3 which includes Beatty, Sarcobatus Flat and Scotty’s Junction. Rob’s utility experience, his community involvement in Beatty, and his interest in helping move VEA forward as a Co-op will all serve him well as a continued board member. Rob serves on VEA’s Finance Committee, Policy Committee, and is currently serving as the Vice President on the Board of Directors.  In addition, Rob has served on the Beatty Town Advisory Board and the Beatty General Improvement District. Rob performed work with the Nye County Sheriff’s Department as a Volunteer Auxiliary Peace Officer. In September of 2020, Rob retired as the head of Beatty’s Water and Sanitation District, a position he had held since 2014. During his time as General Manager, Rob helped improve a financially struggling organization through a series of initiatives aimed a making the utility more efficient and effective.

Before moving to Beatty in 2014, with wife Linda, Rob worked for the California Rural Water Association to train operators in passing their certification exams and assisted small water systems with technical needs. From 1999 to 2009, Rob served as Water Production Manager a the Department of Water Management in Decatur, Ill. During his career, he also served at water utilities in Benicia and Santa Clarita, Calif.