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September 21, 2018 | News
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What a great gathering of member-consumers we hosted for our quarterly Ambassador meeting in early September to hear three viewpoints on the Energy Choice Initiative.

The Ambassador forum featured knowledgeable representatives from “Yes-on-Three,” “No-on-Three” and a neutral expert from the Guinn Center for Policy Priorities. More than 130 Ambassadors and members attended the event.

Angela Evans, Chief Executive Offiver

The Energy Choice Initiative would mandate the Nevada Legislature to enact laws, over the next three legislative sessions, requiring electricity markets be open and competitive so that all electricity customers are afforded meaningful choice among different providers and that economic and regulatory burdens be minimized to promote competition and choices in the electric energy market.

Otherwise known as Question 3, ECI passed in 2016 – and because it is a constitutional amendment – it must be approved again on the 2018 November ballot. The wording will be identical to the 2016 ballot measure


Our panel addressed dozens of questions about Question 3, and each had plenty of time to rebut the other panelists’ positions.


One member wanted to know specifically why VEA supports Question 3. Our support begins with the membership, which – like the rest of Nevada – voted overwhelmingly in favor of it in 2016. We view Energy Choice as an inevitable industry evolution driven by technology and consumer demand.

Consumers prefer choice, which has contributed to the success of companies like Amazon, Uber, Airbnb, iTunes and Tesla. All these companies have empowered consumers by providing greater choice and more convenience. We see a similar trend in the evolving energy industry.

In energy choice markets, customers can participate in ways that allow more choices on renewables or electric plans that fit their lifestyles. As an electric utility of the future, VEA will continue to provide reliable, stable grid operations, while enabling our members to choose power plans that meet their needs and preferences.

Our business model aligns with our position on Energy Choice. We are a cooperative. We are member owned. Each day as we go about our business, the two things foremost on our minds are providing affordable, reliable services.

The passage of Question 3 will open up opportunities for our Cooperative. Valley Electric embraces consumer choice because it could enable us to provide energy beyond our service territory, providing additional revenues. It benefits members, too, by keeping electricity affordable.

 Angela Evans

Chief Executive Officer


Angela Evans served at the executive level at utilities in New Mexico, Texas, California for more than 20 years before joining Valley Electric Association in 2017. 


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