Residential Services

Available to residential members of the Association located within the area served by the Association.


Available to single-family Residential consumers with either of the following:

  • Any single meter service to a single private home, apartment, or other living quarters;
  • Any private garage adjacent to or connected with a single-family residence that is used exclusively by the resident;
  • Rural inhabitants are composed of a single farm or ranch with a private home, barn, or other outbuildings located on a single parcel of land.

Type of Service

Single-phase, 60 hertz, at available secondary voltages.

Monthly Charge

  • Basic service charge – $35.00
  • Energy charge – $0.145
    All kilowatt-hours used, per kwh
  • A Power Cost Adjustment may be included in accordance with Schedule PCA.

Minimum Charges

The minimum monthly charge under the above rate shall be $35.00. Payment of the minimum charge shall entitle the member in all cases to the use of the number of kilowatt-hours corresponding to that portion of the minimum charge in excess of $35.00 in accordance with the foregoing rate.

Terms of Payment

All charges are due and payable on or before the payment date stated on the bill. If not paid on or before this date, a late charge of 1.5% of the unpaid balance will be assessed to the Residential consumer. Service will be discontinued after due notice pursuant to Association policy.

Taxes, Fees Etc.

Any tax, franchise fee, or other similar charges, however denominated, will be recovered by a surcharge only upon those consumers receiving service within the boundaries of the district and/or municipality imposing such tax or fee.

Application For Residential Service
Application For Residential New Construction Service
Stop Service Application