Outdoor Lighting Service


Available to all members for dusk to dawn outdoor lighting.

Rate per Light per Month
Light mounted on existing pole and connected to existing secondary circuit:

  • 100-watt, high-pressure sodium, 42 kilowatt hours per month – $10.45
  • 175-watt, mercury vapor*, 73 kilowatt hours per month – $11.95
  • 400-watt, high-pressure sodium, 165 kilowatt hours per month – $16.50
  • *No longer available to new installations.

Light mounted on a newly installed wooden pole and connected to existing secondary circuit:

  • 1,100-watt, high-pressure sodium, 42 kilowatt hours per month – $18.48

Additional facilities required
Transformer – $7.69 per month

Power Cost Adjustment
A Power Cost Adjustment will be included in accordance with Schedule PCA.

Conditions of Service

  1. The Association shall furnish, install, operate and maintain the outdoor lighting equipment including the lamp, luminary, refractor, bracket attachment and control device on an existing pole of the Association which is electrically connected so that the power for operation of the light does not pass through the meter for the consumer’s other usage.
  2. The Association shall furnish and install a separate transformer or wooden pole, if required for the outdoor light, within 150 feet of existing secondary circuits for which the consumer shall pay the additional charges set forth in the rate schedule above.
  3. The Association shall maintain the lighting equipment, including lamp replacement, at no additional cost to the consumer within 72 hours after the consumer notifies the Association of the need for maintenance of the lighting equipment.
  4. The lighting equipment shall remain the property of the Association. The consumer shall protect the lighting equipment from deliberate damage and shall agree to pay for the cost of repairs from damage caused by negligence, vandalism or willful destruction.
  5. The consumer shall allow authorized representatives of the Association to enter upon the consumer’s premises and to trim trees and shrubs as necessary for maintenance of the lighting equipment and for removal of the lighting equipment upon termination of service under this schedule.
  6. The Association and the consumer shall execute an agreement for service under the Schedule for a period of not less than three (3) years.

Terms of Payment
All charges are due and payable on or before the payment date stated on the bill. If not paid on or before this date, a late charge equal to 2.5% of the initial unpaid balance and 1.5% per month thereafter on remaining unpaid balance will be assessed to the Outdoor Lighting consumer. Service will be discontinued after due notice pursuant to Association policy.

Taxes, Fees, Etc.
Any tax, franchise fee, or other similar charge, however denominated, will be recovered by a surcharge only upon those consumers receiving service within the boundaries of the district and/or municipality imposing such tax or fee.