Irrigation Services

Available for service to irrigation pumps within the area serviced by the Association, subject to the Association’s established rules and regulations.


This rate shall apply to single or three-phase service used solely for water well pumping specifically for agricultural or irrigation purposes.

Type of Service

Three-phase or single-phase, 60 hertz, at available secondary voltages (effective August 1, 2023):

  • Monthly Charge
  • Basic Service Charge – $0
  • Demand/month (Apr-Nov) – $9.00/kW
  • Energy charge – $0.0989
    All kilowatt-hours used, per kWh

A Power Cost Adjustment will be included in accordance with Schedule PCA.

Determination of Demand

The billing demand shall be the highest average during any 30 consecutive minute period of the month established by the consumer during the month for which the bill is rendered, as indicated or recorded by a demand meter and adjusted for power factor as provided hereafter.

Minimum Annual Charge

Billed in the months of April – November, the minimum annual energy charge for each installation shall be the higher of:

  1. The highest measured kW demand based on the previous 12 months; or
  2. $84.00 per connected kW as determined by VEA; or
  3. Not less than $420.00 per year.

The minimum energy charge shall be due whether or not service is actually used.

Power Factor Adjustment

The consumer agrees to maintain unity power factor as nearly as possible. When the average power factor is less than 90% lagging, as determined under actual load conditions, the kilowatt measured demand for each month will be increased by the percentage points that the average power factor is less than 90% lagging.

Irrigation Season

The irrigation season starts on the meter reading date nearest to the first day of April each year and extends for a period of twelve months from that date.

Terms of Payment

All charges are due and payable on or before the payment date stated on the bill. If not paid on or before this date, a late charge equal to 2.5% of the initial unpaid balance and 1.5% per month thereafter on the remaining unpaid balance will be assessed to the Irrigation Service consumer. Service will be discontinued after due notice pursuant to Association policy.

Taxes, Fees, Etc.

Any tax, franchise fee, or other similar charge, however denominated, will be recovered by a surcharge only upon those consumers receiving service within the boundaries of the district and/or municipality imposing such tax or fee.

Irrigation Service Application