General Services

General Service – Less Than 50KW

Available for non-residential members of the Association located within the area served by the Association.


This rate shall apply to general service, single phase where metered demand is less than 50 kW. Service under this schedule is limited to consumers whose load requirements can be met by transformers having a capacity not to exceed 50 kVA. Consumers requiring more than 50 kVA will be served under an appropriate schedule for increased power service. This rate is applicable to service where measured demand is less than 50 kW a minimum of 10 months out of a rolling 12 month period.

Character of Service

Single phase, 60 hertz, at available secondary voltages.

Determination of Demand

When applicable, the metered demand for any month shall be the highest average during any 15 consecutive minute period of the month of the load metered in kW. The measured demand for any month shall be the highest average during any 15 consecutive minute period of the month.

Determination of Monthly Charges

The demand history of the account is the highest demand indicated or recorded by a demand meter.

If the consumer does not have three (3) previous months of use which has been indicated or recorded by a demand meter, the initial and succeeding months shall be used by the Association to determine demand until three (3) months of use has been established.

In the event the demand history is less than 50 kw the following shall apply

Monthly Charge (Effective May 1, 2022)

  • Basic service charge – $52.50
  • Demand charge – $0
  • Energy charge – $0.145
    All kilowatt-hours used, per kwh
  • A Power Cost Adjustment will be included in accordance with Schedule PCA.

Minimum Charges

The minimum monthly charge to the consumer under this rate shall be the higher of the following charges:

  1. $30.00; or
  2. The minimum monthly charge as specified in the contract for service, if applicable.

Temporary Service

Temporary service to consumers at locations such as construction sites, fairs or carnivals shall be supplied in accordance with the rate schedule, except that the consumer shall pay in addition thereto the total cost of connecting and disconnecting service, less the aggregate value of materials returned to stock. A deposit may be required for the total amount of the estimated bill for services, including but not limited to the costs of connection and disconnection.

Terms of Payment

All charges are due and payable on or before the date stated on the bill. If not paid on or before this date, a late charge of 2.5% of the initial unpaid balance and 1.5% per month thereafter on remaining unpaid balance will be assessed to the nonresidential consumer. Service will be discontinued after due notice pursuant to Association policy.

Taxes, Fees, Etc.

Any tax, franchise fee, or other similar charge, however denominated, will be recovered by a surcharge only upon those consumers receiving service within the boundaries of the district and/or municipality imposing such tax or fee.

General Service Application (Less than 50 kW)