Distributed Generation Service

Valley Electric Association (VEA) supports the development of distributed generation (DG). However, particular attention must be paid to the proper and safe installation as well as the operation. The consequence of an improper or unsafe installation can be deadly. Therefore the following shall apply to all DG interconnections to VEA’s distribution system.

  1. A nonrefundable $300 engineering fee must be received by VEA before initial review and approval.
  2. The member owner/operator is solely responsible for the installation, maintenance and safety of the wiring and equipment. VEA shall not in any way be liable for any accident or damages occurring to the customer or to third parties because of contact with or failure of any portion of the member’s installation.
  3. VEA must be notified prior to any interconnection of such equipment. Failure to do so may result in a service charge as per Corporate Policy 132 – Tampering w/ Association Equipment.
  4. The member must install a UL approved, lockable, visible break, blade type disconnect as required by VEA.
  5. Meters are owned and installed by VEA and shall be sealed with locking rings and meter seals. VEA’s meter must be accessible and located outside the building per Corporate Policy 129 – Meter Installation.
  6. The Distributed Generation Interconnection Application expires 180 days from submittal. An incomplete application will not be processed and if the application is not corrected within 30 days, the application will be canceled, and the application fee will be forfeited. An extension of the application deadline may be permitted if progress or delays are justified.
  7. Tampering with or damaging VEA’s equipment will result in the disconnection of service. Reconnection of service will occur when the following conditions are met;
    1. Member must pay for all damages to VEA’s equipment due to interference with the meter prior to service reconnection.
    2. Member must pay for reconnection of service in accordance with the provisions of Corporate Policy 127 – Reconnection and Administrative Charges prior to service reconnection.
    3. Member must agree to comply with reasonable requirements to protect VEA from future losses.
    4. Member will be billed and must remit payment for un-metered electrical energy estimate by VEA as used at the service location.

VEA will purchase electricity generated by our members in accordance with Rule 20 – Net Metering Policy

The Net Metering Policy is contained in the Distributed Generation Interconnection Packet. If you have any questions, please contact VEA at (775) 727-5312. When you are ready for inspection, please email dg@vea.coop.

Thank you,

Jeff Holley
Supervisor of Field & Project Engineering

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