A History of Innovation

For more than five decades, Valley Electric Association has been involved in progressive projects that help serve the interests of our members in southwestern Nevada. From energy conservation to developing renewable energy resources for rural consumers, VEA has been a leading force for change.

Valley Electric is partnering with First Solar on the massive Sunshine Valley Solar Project in Amargosa Valley now under construction with a completion date in 2019. The 100-megawatt Sunshine Valley is a photovoltaic project will be located on private land less than four miles from the California state line. The facility will produce approximately 302,000 megawatts of power per year, enough solar energy to serve the needs of 23,000 average homes per year, displacing approximately 178,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually which is equivalent of taking about 26,000 cars off the road.

Much like VEA did 52 years ago, Valley Communications Association is bringing critical infrastructure – fiber-optic and wireless broadband – to the communities in its vast 6,800-square-mile service area along the Nevada-California border that have been under served by commercial communications providers. VCA’s fiber-optic and wireless broadband services provide bandwidth and speed that was not otherwise available to member-consumers. VCA is a partner in the long-haul fiber-optic network between Las Vegas and Reno and has expanded into VoIP, IPTV, SmartHome and I.T. services. Long term, VCA’s goal is to expand modern broadband to rural communities of Nevada. For more information about VCA, please visit our Valley Communications Association website.