2022 Board Elections

2022 Board Elections

District 1 (South Pahrump – All services South of Gamebird Rd.), District 2 (Amargosa Valley, Lathrop Wells, Ash Meadows), and District 4 (Fish Lake Valley, Lida, Gold Point, Lida Junction) Board of Directors’ seats are up for election in 2022. Eligible members may become a candidate by being selected by the Valley Electric Nominating Committee, or nomination by petition of members. For consideration by the Nominating Committee, please complete the application and biography forms listed below. The deadline for the application to be received is 5:00p.m. on December 1, 2021.

To run for Director, the Application, Background Check and Biographies need to be completed and submitted by 5:00p.m. on December 1st , 2021:

Incumbent Directors seeking re-election must submit their desire to run in writing by completing the Director Candidate Application, Background Check and Biography Information by the deadline listed above.

All Director candidates are subject to a criminal background check, must live within the geographic boundary of the district they seek to represent, and must meet all other conditions of eligibility. All background results must be received by the application deadline above. (Please note the background screening process can take up to 14 days) A criminal background check will be administered to all Director Candidates in each District at the cost of the Association.

Qualifications: Article IV, Section 2 of the Bylaws states no person shall be eligible to become or remain a director of the Association who:

  1. Is not a member in good standing and consumer of transmission, distribution, or energy service. Being a “member in Good standing,” requires that the member shall not be in a state of default on any payments owed to, or accounts with, the Association over the previous 12 months.
  2. Is in any way employed by or financially interested in a competing enterprise, or in a business selling electric energy or supplies to the Association.
  3. Has been convicted of a felony prior to, or during, their term.
  4. Is not a primary permanent resident of the district from which the director is elected or chosen for at least one year prior to being elected or chosen.
  5. Is a current employee of the Association.
  6. Is employed by an agent of or is a close relative of an employee or agent of the Association. As used in these Bylaws, “close relative” means a person who, by blood, partnership, or law, including half, foster, step and adoptive kin, is either a spouse, child, grandchild, parent, grandparent, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, nephew or niece of the principal.

Completed applications to be considered by the Nominating Committee must be received by 5:00p.m. on December 1st , 2021. If you have any questions regarding this position or the application process, please contact veacommunications@vea.coop .

The election process and the candidate eligibility will be vetted by the Credentialing Committee as outlined in the Bylaws. Members of the Credentialing Committee are Marianne W., District 1; Carolyn A., District 2; Dan P., District 4; Surely K., District 5; John P., District 7

The Nominating Committee shall nominate a minimum of (1) or a maximum of (3) persons from each District up for election. In addition, the incumbent director shall also be a nominee for re-election pending notification of such candidacy to the Nominating Committee via the Board Application, along with meeting all qualification requirements as laid out above. Members of the Nominating Committee are:  District 1: Eddie W. & Vern H. &  Jenney S.; District 2: Carolyn A. & Dave H.; and District 4: Dan P. & Theresa M.

The Nominating Committee will notify all applicants of the status of their application by December 22nd, 2021.

For those seeking to be nominated by petition, 15 or more signatures from Valley Electric members of record of the District the petitioned candidate is seeking election for (the name must appear on the account), along with a Director Candidate Application, and Biographical Information Form (if not previously submitted for current election process) must be submitted by January 22nd, 2022 at 5:00p.m. The Petition Form and Background Check Form & Release can be found below.

A Candidate’s Night will be held in any District where there are more than two candidates. Tentatively, a Virtual Candidates Night will be held for District 4 on February 23rd, District 2 on March 9th, and District 1 on March 16th, 2022. More information will be provided closer to the dates via our website, social media, and email notifications.

The winners of each district seat, District 4, District 2 and District 1 will be announced at their respective District Annual Meetings to be held in person.

Following each meeting results will also be posted on VEA’s website and shared via Social Media.

In the event that a run-off election is required, as outlined in Article III, Section 6.2 of the Bylaws, that election will take place immediately following the announcement of the results at each voting Districts meeting. Run-off election results will be posted on the VEA website, Social Media and sent by email to all valid emails on file for the respective district.

2022 Voting District Meeting Dates:

District 4 (Fish Lake Valley, Lida, Gold Point, Lida Junction), April 7th, 2022

District 2 (Amargosa Valley, Lathrop Wells, Ash Meadows), April 21st, 2022

District 1 (South Pahrump – All services South of Gamebird Rd.), April 28th, 2022