Sandy Valley residents tend to have a live-and-let-live attitude, says Ken Derschen, who owns a grocery store in town.


Ken’s philosophy toward on the VEA Board of Directors is that putting members first makes leading easier. With Ken’s involvement, the Board prides itself on prioritizing the needs of the membership. As a result, Ken and the Board have helped VEA become a leader in the power industry and the high-speed internet business as well. The sale of the 23-kV transmission line was a heavy lift, and Ken played his part to push it through. He spoke with salespeople, delved into the specifics of proposed contracts, and helped figure out the best way to return funds to members without creating a tax burden. Through the NRECA, Ken learns with Board members from other co-ops across the nation. This training teaches new skills and ideas so VEA can keep up with trends and throughout the utility industry. In today’s competitive environment, it’s not enough to just go along with old ways. To promote the best interests of members, VEA must change on a daily basis, even when change is difficult.

Outside of VEA, Ken sits on several other boards including the School Board, the Sandy Mesquite Valley Development Association, the Keystone Enrichment Foundation, and he helps decide how grant funds are spent through his participation on the Citizens Development Advisory Council. On top of all these commitments, Ken volunteers for the school boosters club and runs a grocery store and restaurant.

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