The conventional outlook of many cooperatives has been to keep their heads down and trudge onward with their day-to-day operations. While this has worked for them, John and the Board of Directors felt that it didn’t work for VEA anymore. John saw that the laws and the economy were changing around VEA. In order to keep pace in a rapidly changing environment, John urged VEA to take a more proactive approach. He wanted VEA to be in front of the Nevada legislature so that VEA could create a positive name for itself.

As part of the Board, John helps VEA generate a vision for the future and a strategic plan to carry out that vision. This includes giving management the support it needs to help the co-op evolve. John recognizes that every member-owner has an investment in VEA, and he strives to be good a steward. The Board constantly searches for new opportunities to grow the co-op’s revenues so it can pay its costs without putting more burden on the membership. Living in Fish Lake Valley, John understands the cooperative spirit of self-reliance and resourcefulness. Many VEA members are agricultural producers, and John represents that voice on the board.

In addition to serving on the VEA Board, John stays involved in his community. He coaches junior high school basketball, is a member of the water authority, lends a hand to neighbors where it’s needed.

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