Temporary Service Application

Also Available: Temporary Service Application (PDF Version)

Contract For Temporary Service

Valley Electric Association, Inc.

  • Enter date signed.
  • WHEREAS, the Consumer has requested the Association to furnish and install all transformers and/or other electrical equipment (to include metering) necessary for the delivery of temporary electric energy to supply service with said load of 200 Amps to be served at the following location:
  • WHEREAS, the Association requires prior to the commencement of service connection the payment of a sum sufficient to cover the net cost of connecting and disconnecting (includes VEA metering) of said temporary service facilities and equipment:

    Non-refundable Minimum Temporary Engineering Fee is $500.00; required at time of application = $300.00

    NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of t he mutual promises and covenants of the parties hereto, hereinafter contained, and the obtaining of satisfactory easements for any necessary private rights-of-way, and the compliance of Consumer with the Association’s membership requirements, it is mutually agreed by and between the parties hereto as follows:

    1. The Consumer will pay to the Association any additional installation fees assessed at the site meet in consideration of which sum and of the premises herein, the Association hereby promises and agrees forthwith to commence, and thereafter with all reasonable diligence to prosecute to completion, the said temporary electric line extension. The installation of extension line,transformer and/or other equipment shall be and remain the sole property of the Association.

    2. Temporary electric service for commercial and residential accounts shall be for a period of one year. The expiration date shall be one year after the service is considered “ready for service” as defined in the Association’s Rules and Regulations.

    3. The Association may immediately remove all or any part of said extension and/or installation upon discontinuance of such temporary service and/or at the end of the time limit indicated in paragraph 2 above.

    All terms and stipulations heretofore made and agreed to by the parties in relation to the said electric service are set forth in this Contract, and no representation of any agent or employee shall be binding upon the Association except as herein expressed.
    the parties have caused this Contract to be executed this_______ day of _______________________,2019
  • Enter date signed.