Logan Gernet

Valley Electric has selected Logan Gernet to fill the role of Vice President of Engineering, Operations, and Power Supply.  He joined Valley in December of 2020 as the Vice President of Engineering and Power Supply, and in August of 2021 he took over Valley’s Operations department as well.

As the VP of Engineering, Operations, and Power Supply, Logan’s long list of duties includes overseeing the Engineering department, A&T, Substations, Metering, Regulatory Compliance, Power System Operations, and Line Crews.

Logan has a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Electrical Power, and Energy Systems.  His educational background serves as the backbone of his utility perspective.

Prior to his new position here at Valley, Logan oversaw Resource Planning and Analytics at Arizona Generation & Transmission.  In that role at Arizona G&T, he directed the activities of a team of planning engineers and was responsible for the analysis of strategic decisions for the cooperative’s generation assets.  Prior to that, Logan worked for Arizona Public Service in a variety of areas, including power trading, finance, and renewables.

Logan is excited to be a part of the community and work for Valley Electric.  “I enjoy working with good-hearted, smart people.”  Logan added “one of the great (and sometimes challenging) things about working for a cooperative is that you get to wear many hats and work on a wide variety of issues.  Like all utilities, Valley will be charting through a relatively unprecedented time in the US energy sector.  I’m thrilled to work with a thoughtful team to address those challenges on behalf of our membership.”