Richard “Rick” Johnson

Richard "Rick" Johnson

Rick relishes the challenge of finding new opportunities for VEA. He looks under every rock in Southwestern Nevada for ways to save money and improve services for members. Once a potential has been identified, Rick sets to work solving how VEA can extract the most benefit from it. Rick sees a lot of potential just from VEA’s geographic location. The wide-open desert allows for more large-scale solar arrays to generate renewable energy. The proximity to California creates opportunities for VEA to be a conduit to that huge market. Rick brings enthusiasm and seriousness to the Board’s responsibility to make sound judgments on potential projects.

As the owner of the El Portal Motel in Beatty, Rick brings the perspective of a small business owner to the VEA Board. Electricity wasn’t always so easy to come by in Beatty. Rick remembers a time when diesel generators powered much of the town. He also remembers what an improvement it was when VEA stepped in to provide electricity. Rick wants to keep that spirit alive and pass along the next level of advanced services to VEA’s current membership. He expects VEA to be an active force in the community, not a passive spectator.

Along with serving on the VEA Board, Rick is president of the Volunteer Firemen’s Association, works as a first responder in Beatty’s ambulance service, and sits on the Beatty Water and Sanitation Board of Directors.

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