Billing Optimization Beginning May 1st

As a valued member, we want to inform you of some upcoming billing changes that will affect your account.  We understand change can be difficult, but we believe these changes will benefit you by allowing us to optimize processes to provide better service.

What are the changes?

Valley Electric Association Changes

Traditional electrical accounts will transition to four billing dates a month as opposed to the current twenty-eight. This efficiency will allow the billing department to optimize processes, allowing more time to assist members.

Valley Communications Association (VCA) Changes

Billing for Valley Communication (VCA) customers is also changing. Currently, broadband and digital phone services are billed on all 28 cycles but will be transitioning to one billing date. All VCA services will transition to a pay-ahead-of service instead of a pay-behind. This can potentially increase the May billing amount due.

All VCA services will be billed separately from electric usage and will be due on the 5th of each month.

Key Billing Points:

Electric Billing will transition to four billing due dates as opposed to the current twenty-eight.

All VCA accounts will transition to being due on the 5th and will have a separate billing statement.

All VCA accounts will transition to paying ahead for services, rather than after services have been used.

We are here to help!

  • Signing up for SmartHub can help you manage your account and usage and sign up for Beat the Peak alerts.
  • Budget Billing can help stabilize your monthly payments by averaging 12 months of usage, helping reduce high monthly bills.
  • Assistance is available for electric and broadband accounts. Please contact us to find out more.