Winter Conservation Alert

Energy Market prices are extremely high due to an insufficient supply of natural gas across the Western United States. Hourly energy pricing is at an all-time high.  As of now, there is no reliability issue. This is solely an economic issue impacting your co-op. We are asking members to conserve energy until the energy market stabilizes, which is expected to run through the weekend. If possible, please conserve by:

  • Turning off or unplugging appliances, electronics, and lights you are not using.
  • Turning off and unplugging space heaters you do not need.
  • Using smaller kitchen appliances rather than your range or oven.
  •  Limiting using large appliances like your dishwasher, washer, and dryer.
  • Using wood stoves and fireplaces when available.

Thank you for your continued help as we navigate this unprecedented time in the energy market.