2022 District 2 & 4 Biographies

Mike Cottingim – District 2 Candidate

Mike Cottingim has been a resident of District 2 for 17 years. “I am very familiar with
the area and needs of the members I will represent. I have worked in various areas of
Nye County since 2012. I was the Town Administrator of Amargosa Valley from 9/2012
through 12/2016 and have also worked at a couple of new businesses in the area.

I believe the electric utility is essential to our success and survival. Without solid and
affordable electric service, our area cannot survive. VEA has served my family and I very
well in the time I have lived here. Some major new businesses are coming into our area and
affordable, reliable electrical service is necessary for them to succeed and bring jobs to our

I have been involved in commercial finance through my 20+ years in the mortgage industry and have a
good understanding how a successful business should provide excellent service to its customers and still
remain financially sound. I look forward to serving the members of District 2, along with all of the members
of Valley Electric and its subsidiaries.”

Kathleen Keyes – District 4 Candidate

Kathleen Keyes was elected to represent District 4 (Fish Lake Valley, Lida, Gold Point, and Lida Junction) on
the Valley Electric Association, Inc., Board in March 2019. She has been a Valley Electric Association Co-op member since 1999.

Kathy is seeking re-election to a second term as the District 4 Director on VEA’s Board of
Directors. “When I was elected 3 years ago, I promised to seek education. I have since
completed over 150 hours of National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA)
director education, earning my Credentialed Cooperative Director Certificate, Board
Leadership Certificate and the highest accreditation available, my Director Gold Certification.
I am currently serving my second 1-year term as President of Valley Electric’s Board of Directors.”

“Over the last 3 years, as a board, we reduced expenses, hired a new CEO and put VEA on a strategic path to once again being a best-in-class Co-op. As your director, I led a successful effort to stop a petition, and reduced the risk of future petitions, that could eliminate our district’s seat on the Board of Directors. I work hard for everyone in Fish Lake Valley, Lida, Gold Point and Lida Junction and your voice is always at the table. I wish to continue to represent you, as your District 4 Director, and help Valley Electric achieve its mission of improving the lives of the people and the communities we serve.”