Annual Meeting Elections

2021 VEA Annual Meeting Video


Due to the Annual Meeting being held virtually, in order to accommodate the ‘Member Comment’ portion of the agenda to the best of our ability, below is a form to allow our Members to submit any questions/comments that they would like answered during the Annual Meeting. The form will be available through May 16th.

Additionally, proposed bylaw revisions have been put forth to the Membership for their vote by ballot, which will culminate at the 2021 Annual Meeting on Friday, June 11th, 2021. The proposed ballot items are a compilation of work by the Member Liaison Committee in correlation with members, Board of Directors, Staff and General Counsel. The seven ballot items proposed for revision reflect modern-day business practices and general language cleanup.  Below are links to the current Bylaws of the Association, a version with the proposed revisions incorporated, and a summary of the ballot items. If you have any questions regarding the Bylaw’s election, please submit them to

Annual Meeting Notice 

Current Bylaws

Proposed Revised Bylaws 

Summary of 2021 Proposed Bylaw Revisions


The virtual Annual Meeting will be posted here at 5:00p.m. on June 11th. The results of Bylaws election and the Scholarship recipients will be announced during the Annual Meeting video.