Michelle Caird and Rob Shirley Re-elected

At the heart of a cooperatives success is the Board of Directors.  With the turmoil of the past it is no longer assumed that the incumbent director will be re-elected without reflection, member satisfaction, and trust. 

To be effective, Valley’s board must have the skills to reflect the cooperative’s strategic priorities.  They address the challenges and evaluate the risks that the cooperative has. 

Electing a Board of Directors is an essential duty of the membership that makes for a well-represented board.  It is essential that, as members, we select the best candidate that is proactive on all fronts of the cooperative. 

With this said, it is with great pleasure that Valley welcomes back Michelle Caird, in the District 1 seat, and Rob Shirley, in the District 3 seat.   They will serve a three-year term for the cooperative. 

Michelle Caird
District 1 Director

Caird ran against two others to serve her second term on the Valley Board representing District 1.  “It is my honor to continue representing the members of Valley Electric Association and moving our cooperative forward for the next three years.  I encourage all our members to be involved with their Cooperative.”

During her time on the board Michelle served as President.  She has nearly two decades of service on Inland Power and Light Company in eastern Washington.  Caird has completed the Credentialed Cooperative Director certification from the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association. 

Rob Shirley
District 3 Director

Shirley ran unopposed for his second term serving on the Valley Board, representing District 3.  “Thank you for the support by the members in District 3.  I will continue to represent the District’s needs regarding future financial and policy needs.”

While serving his previous term, he was the board Vice-President.  He chaired the policy committee where they recently reviewed and updated many Valley policies.  Shirley also co-chaired the finance committee reviewing and making recommendations to better the financial status of the cooperative.  Rob has years of utility experience that include serving as the General Manager of Beatty Water and Sanitation District. 

District 1 and District 3 virtual annual meetings announced that Shirley and Caird won their respective districts election and will continue to focus on the success of the cooperative.  Collectively the Board will continue to listen to the needs of their districts and continue to propel Valley Electric into a successful future.