Introducing SolPower

By Valley Electric Association

Photo credit: USFWS

The people of rural Nevada have a long history of generating their own power and controlling their own electricity loads. Out West, energy consumers were dispersed across the vast landscapes that big utilities had no desire to serve. This is the history that created the member-owned, democratically controlled, electric cooperative that is Valley Electric Association.

We have the resources needed and, more importantly, the attitude required to embrace the future of energy, where energy independence is key and environmental stewardship is a given.

That’s why we’re introducing SolPower by Valley Electric a full-service solar company built by Valley Electric Association specifically to serve its members who choose to install solar.

SolPower builds upon Valley’s rich history, leading the way as we take full advantage of our area’s most abundant natural energy source: the sun. Valley now provides its members a reliable and affordable path to owning this clean, cost-saving, self-generated energy.

All relationships are built on trust, and our members will have peace of mind knowing their investment is built and warrantied by the same energy experts they have come to know and rely on for decades.

It’s no secret the Desert Southwest gets more hours of intense direct sunlight than anywhere else in the country putting desert dwellers in a unique and especially lucrative position. Because of our exceptionally sunny climate, it takes fewer solar panels to create the same amount of electricity than it would in other areas. This benefit means a faster return on your investment and a more efficient system design.

You invest in generating the power you need for your own home or business, simultaneously doing your part to keep the skies clean and clear while taking comfort in knowing Valley Electric’s power grid is there when you need it.

At SolPower by Valley Electric, our core goal is to provide high-quality, utility-standard, cost-saving solar power systems with the reliability and exceptional service our members have come to expect from us.

SolPower by Valley Electric, a full-service solar company built by Valley Electric Association to specifically serve its members who choose to install solar.

We are not focused on making a quick sale or selling consumers oversized or overpriced systems. Our focus is on our community and the needs of our members, ensuring a smooth, local and professional process.

With decades of combined experience from residential solar to utility-scale projects our experienced and highly specialized staff is committed to providing members with a sensible investment that provides a superior result.

At Valley, our members own their energy provider. Now they can own their cost-saving energy generation too, controlling their energy destiny while banking their savings.

Our high-efficiency solar panels create energy by using photovoltaic cells to convert sunlight into direct current. The solar panels turn the direct current into alternating current electricity through an inverter, supplying energy to the house where it is needed and sending excess energy back onto the Valley grid and crediting your account.

At SolPower, we install the panels, inverter and everything needed to make a complete solar power system. We also provide any required maintenance.

We connect your system controls to the internet by leveraging the capabilities of another Valley company, Valley Communications. This allows you to manage your power system from your mobile devices or the web.

By choosing a SolPower solar system, our members procure a utility caliber solar power plant designed, installed and maintained to utility standards. Members can be confident in the durability and longevity of their system.

The company will offer ground-mount, and rooftop solar systems. Photo credit: THE NATIONAL RENEWABLE ENERGY LABORATORY

With our utility installation methods, our systems are built to last more than 30 years. Solar panels are guaranteed for 25 years, and our inverters have a minimum 12-year warranty.

SolPower provides a blanket system warranty for 10 years, so members will be sure to achieve their return on investment well within the warranty period.

Even outside the warranty period, SolPower, Valley Electric and Valley Communications will be here to take care of any of your energy needs for generations to come.

With an appropriately designed system, members can determine the fixed costs of the energy they produce, helping provide affordability and security to those on a fixed income or those who want to budget for the future.

If our solution won’t lower your energy costs, we won’t recommend it. Our goal is to help you reduce your energy costs. Our easy in-house financing program ensures a simple purchase process, eliminating the need for multiple credit checks or hassling with third-party financing options.

With SolPower, you can have your system built, financed, warrantied and maintained by your local energy adviser, by people you already know are energy experts.

SolPower by Valley Electric; your local clean energy choice!

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