VEA Charitable Foundation Donates to Local Food Banks and Food Pantries in all Six Districts

Fish Lake Valley

The COVID-19 pandemic has created new challenges for all of us we hadn’t imagined we would ever have to navigate. Non-essential business closures resulting in layoffs and lost wages have left many families struggling to make ends meet. The stark reality for some may be deciding between buying food and paying for basic necessities.

With this backdrop, members of the VEA Charitable Foundation took action to lend a hand by donating to the local food banks and food pantries in all six districts VEA serves. At their quarterly meeting held April 16, 2020, the 17 member committee presented a plan to donate $12,000 to 5 groups throughout the VEA service territory. The plan was unanimously approved by the Charitable Foundation Board of Directors.  $6,000 was given to the Nye Communities Coalition for the Pahrump area, and $1,500 each was given to Sandy Valley, Amargosa, Beatty and Fish Lake Valley entities.

Charitable Foundation Committee member John Pawlak stated, “As a member of the Charitable Foundation and the Valley Electric Association Coop I can understand the importance and relief having the ability to put food on one’s table and then being able to buy gas for the home or car, paying for prescription meds or keeping a roof over your head.

In my 50+ working years of my life I’ve had to make those decisions at one point or another. That is now in the past for me, but not for many others, others that have to make serious decisions daily regarding the family unit. We appreciate making a difference today for our fellow cooperative members and hopefully it will make life a little easier tomorrow and the next day as well.”

The Valley Electric Charitable Foundation is a special fund created to benefit communities in VEA’s service territory. The purpose of the Foundation is to collect and disburse funds for charitable purposes that will benefit a significant segment of the community. The funds come from VEA employees and member-consumers who voluntarily participate in either the Operation Round Up or Dime-a-Month programs or who donate a specific dollar amount each month. In the roundup method, members allow their monthly electric bills to be rounded to the next highest dollar. The Dime-a-Month program gives members the option of adding a flat ten cents to their monthly bill.
Additional information on the VEA Charitable Foundation is available here.

Sandy Valley

Amargosa Valley