Letter From the CEO – Nov-19

It Takes Everyone

Terrie D’Antonio interim CEO, Director of District 5 (Sandy Valley)

I thought I retired two years ago as CEO of a Las Vegas-based agency. I was wrong. However, nothing feels better – coming out of retirement – than to have the opportunity to work with such a professional executive team and a dedicated and skilled staff.

I was appointed to the board on June 27, 2019 after our District 5 board member resigned before his term was complete. The spot needed to be filled, so correspondence was sent to all members of Valley Electric to ask interested parties to submit a resume and answer questions posed by the current board. I was selected to serve the remainder of the term and will be up for election in March of 2020.

I’ve known several of our District 5 members prior to my appointment and have been fortunate to meet many more members from our other districts while working with some of you on our newly formed committees and also in town meetings and through word of mouth.

These committees were the brainchild of our interim CEO, Dick Peck. Through these committees we are revamping and improving our bylaws, policies and procedures. Each district has member representation filling those committees. I’m also grateful to be joined by our other board directors who are all chairs and/or co-chairs on the committees we’ve formed.

Dick’s contract with us ended at the end of October. The board of directors will select our new CEO by Thanksgiving with a plan to have that person onboard no later than the second week in January. You will all have an opportunity to meet our new CEO at your annual district meeting in March.

With my prior experience, the board and executive staff asked me to fill the position between Dick’s departure and the arrival of our new CEO. I will only be able to do this because of the expertise available through our current board of directors and our executive team. Also, I will not be compensated for the time I serve as CEO, other than my usual board stipend.

We are a Co-op, which means that it takes all of us (members, staff and directors) working together to continue to build VEA into a member owned company we can be proud of. I feel honored to play a small part in the future of our company.

Until next month,

Terrie D’Antonio
Chief Executive

Terrie D’Antonio is serving as Chief Executive until a new CEO is named in November. For 13 years, Terrie was President and CEO of HELP of Southern Nevada, which serves low-income residents, seniors and the homeless. A resident of Sandy Valley (District 5), Terrie was appointed to the VEA Board earlier this year. She chairs the Board’s Charitable Foundation Committee.