VEA Donates Tablets to Nye County School District

PAHRUMP, Nev. (April 22, 2019) – Valley Electric Association has donated 28 computer tablets to the Nye County School District for use by Special Education Support Services.

Most of the tablets will be used in the Special Education Support Services department for students with special needs, said Robert Williams, NCSD Director of Technology.

“We also plan to send about five of the devices to Gabbs for use by the new head teacher next year in working with students and robotics,” said Williams. “The donations are appreciated and helpful.”

The tablets – all iPads – are seven to eight years old but have been well maintained and are still in excellent working condition, said Michael Lee, Supervisor of Systems and Help Desk for VEA. The tablets’ operating system can no longer accept software updates, but they still have value as learning tools. “All looked like new or nearly new, and all are properly functioning,” said Lee.

VEA used some of the tablets in the field by line crews and for fiber mapping. “Some apps could not be updated to the latest version,” said Lee, so their use is limited at VEA.

The Cooperative donated four iPad 2s (2011 vintage); 15 iPad 3s (2012) and nine iPads with Retina Display (2012).

“We have a special relationship with the Nye County School District,” said interim Chief Executive Dick Peck. “Though we can no longer use these computer tablets, it is really great that we are able to share these tools with teachers and students, and they can put them to good use.”