VEA Showcases New Website

Valley Electric Association’s revamped website debuted Aug. 1, 2018,  after several months in construction. We are grateful to the VEA Ambassador Communication Committee, which assisted in many of the changes that are incorporated in the website’s design and function.

One thing people will notice right away is that the site is visible on mobile devices, which was not possible on the previous website. That is an important upgrade, since most online activity takes place on smart phones and tablets these days. Of course, the site will also be available as it has for years on desktops and laptops.

VEA’s website is the “front door” to our Cooperative, so we wanted a site that tells VEA’s unique story and showcases some of the best aspects of the communities that make up Valley Electric Association. A website is ever changing, so you can expect to see tweaks and improvements as we go along. Please have a look around and share your thoughts. Thank you.