Fiber Construction Update

Valley Communications Association recently evaluated its fiber-optic construction schedule for 2018, which I want to discuss with you this month.

Originally, we had planned to roll out fiber on a more ambitious schedule. Our construction plans for 2018 included the build-out of large areas of Pahrump for fiber-optic service, a huge capital investment and commitment by the Cooperative.

Angela Evans, Chief Executive Offiver

Over the past few weeks, however, we have taken a step back to review our plans. During that assessment period, we have determined that a more responsible approach would be to scale back the fiber build-out and concentrate on areas that will generate revenue. We will, therefore, target fiber installations in Beatty as well as the Mountain Falls and Winery Road areas in Pahrump.

Focusing on those areas makes the most sense and continues the responsible management of VCA assets and resources. All three communities are among the more densely populated in our service territory. Installing fiber to homes constructed in close proximity to each other holds down construction costs, allows for more efficient installation and generates revenue.

We hope to have most of the work completed in those areas by the end of the summer. Then we will move on to other areas. For some members, fiber will arrive later than we had hoped, but it is still coming. We regret the delay, but we also believe it is the correct way to deploy our resources.

You may be wondering how long you may have to wait for broadband service based upon our new fiber buildout strategy. While fiber is considered state-of-the-art technology for broadband service, member consumers have expressed overwhelming satisfaction with wireless service. There is no reason to wait because wireless broadband offers the fastest, most reliable wireless service at a reasonable price. (There is no better value in our market.) Additionally,

  • You can still bundle IPTV and VOIP with wireless broadband to save money.
  • There are no data caps.
  • No contract is necessary.
  • There is no installation fee for wireless broadband.
  • Local technical support is here to help you.

Valley Communications wireless broadband has made a significant difference in all the communities we serve. Member-consumers from Fish Lake Valley in the North to Sandy Valley in the South are now enjoying a fast, dependable, affordable service that otherwise would not be possible in our service territory. Whether downloading movies, surfing the world-wide web or powering digital services, VCA’s wireless broadband is changing lives.

I will keep you posted on our progress as we continue to roll out fiber efficiently and methodically to our VEA member-consumers.

Until next month,

Angela Evans

Chief Executive Officer

Angela Evans served at the executive level at utilities in New Mexico, Texas, California for more than 20 years before joining Valley Electric Association in 2017.