Valley Electric Ambassador Group Tours Community Solar Project

Valley Electric Ambassador Group Tours Community Solar Project

By Cassandra Selbach

If you have driven on Highway 160 on the North side of Pahrump lately, you’ve likely noticed the Community Solar Project, a joint project between Valley Electric Association, Inc., and Bombard Renewable Energy.

Maybe you did not know that Pahrump had a Community Solar Site.

A great way to learn more about these exciting projects is to join the Ambassador Program at VEA.

Members of the Ambassador subcommittee known as CREC (Conservation and Renewable Energy Committee) recently toured the Community Solar Project, offering a “behind the scenes” look at the impressive site.

The project sits on 80 acres of land and includes 54,000 American made photovoltaic panels, enough to power 2,500 houses at full output.

On hand to answer questions from members was Kristin Mettke, Vice President of Engineering and Compliance for VEA and Bo Bazar, Division Manager for Bombard. More than two dozen ambassadors attended and were able to learn about the capability of the solar panels and systems, energy output and distribution, and the construction process.

VEA facilitated research and monitored studies in partnership with government agencies and regional researchers to evaluate solar panel configuration impacts on local vegetation, tortoises and birds.

If you are interested in getting more involved in your local co-op, please contact VEA to learn more about our Ambassador Program. The purpose is to utilize the vast knowledge and experience of the entire membership through an exchange of ideas in collaboration. The Ambassador has been in existence for 10 years and numbers more than 600 members from all of the Cooperative’s six districts. The program currently consists of seven committees that cover a wide range of interests.