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Lighthouse Program

Lighthouse Program ImageValley Electric Association’s Lighthouse Assistance Program is designed to provide assistance to members who, through income limitations or other unusual circumstances find themselves in a situation where they are having difficulty paying their electric bill.

The program is administered by County Social Service agencies in VEAs service area.

The application process and eligibility guidelines are as follows:

  1. Members must apply directly to a designated social service agency.
  2. The agency determines whether a member is eligible for assistance, based on the following criteria:
    1. A completed application form.
    2. No assistance funds have been received within the current 12-month period.
    3. The VEA bill must be past due. Members must provide a copy of their past due bill.
    4. Prepaid accounts must have less than a $50 credit.
  3. In addition to income information, a member may be asked:
    1. Have you entered into a bill payment arrangement with VEA?
  4. The agency will determine how much, if any, assistance the member will receive:
    1. The maximum benefit is $200.
  5. Funds may not be used to restore service if service has been terminated due to non-payment or failure to meet payment arrangements.
  6. Funding may not be used for: Deposits, returned check fees, damage charges, energy theft charges, final bills, or irrigation and general service accounts. Funds will not be given where the account is in the name of another member.
  7. The agency will fax copies of the application to VEA at: (775) 727-2261.
  8. The agency will immediately notify VEA of any payment recommendation.
  1. Members who have received assistance and still have an unpaid balance should contact VEA at (775) 727-5312 to make payment arrangements.

For more information regarding the Lighthouse Assistance Program, contact VEA at (775) 727-5312.

Download the Lighthouse Assistance Program Application


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