Valley Electric Association, Inc. (VEA) is proud of its grassroots Ambassador program and the Ambassadors’ accomplishments. Ambassadors are VEA members who want to be well informed and educated on the day to day operations of VEA, as well as its future.

These members want to make a difference in their community and support VEA by participating on committees, attending meetings and joining VEA staff at functions. They provide feedback on VEA initiatives, programs and activities. They talk to their neighbors and share information.



The overall purpose is to utilize the vast knowledge and experience of the entire membership through an exchange of ideas in collaboration with this group. The Ambassador program has been overwhelmingly embraced. It numbers over 600 members and is continually growing with representation from each of VEA’s six districts.



The Ambassadors have become the face of VEA. They are easily identified by their signature blue shirts. Their voices are heard and they realize that they are making a difference in the community.



The Ambassadors understand VEA’s core values and guiding principles. A tremendous amount of trust and mutual respect has been built through the years between the Ambassadors and VEA. Ambassadors are a conduit to the community and respected by their peers. In continuing with the values and principles of the Cooperative, the Ambassador’s structure includes committees to best utilize their talents and interest.

Finance Committee

To work with VEA staff and other appropriate entities in order to understand the financial conditions of the Cooperative, its financial projections, and to make appropriate recommendations.

Legislative Committee

To gather relevant information on utility issues or legislation that impacts the Cooperative. When requested, meet with elected officials to convey VEA interests.

Membership Committee

To recruit new members for the Ambassador Program as well as engage, grow, and retain all members. In addition to attending Ambassador functions, the Membership Committee attends community events and is available to answer questions about the Ambassador Program.

Conservation and Renewable Energy Committee
To investigate and propose new ideas for energy conservation, renewable energy programs, and new technologies for consideration by VEA staff/owner-members.

Bylaw Committee
To review VEA bylaws and propose changes, improvements, or updates to VEA staff.

Youth Committee
To act as the conduit between Valley Electric Association and the next generation, allowing for the exchange of innovative ideas and solutions that will ensure the Cooperative maintains its status as the “Utility of the Future”, while also supporting and fostering the youth so they can realize and achieve their full potential.

Community Service Committee
To support VEA’s “commitment to community” by identifying needs within the community and actively participating in the fulfillment of those needs through acts of service.

Communications and Public Relations Committee
To inform, encourage and inspire our communities through member engagement and actively sharing our Cooperative’s vision.

Tech Committee
To identify, investigate, and make recommendations in regard to new technologies that will enhance the lives of current and future members.



“Ambassadors” are Valley Electric Association member-owners that want to take a more active role in their cooperative and want to be well informed and educated on the day-to-day operations of VEA, as well as its future. They support what a cooperative is and The Seven Cooperative Principles Valley Electric operates under.

As such, it is expected that each Ambassador’s conduct should at all times reflect favorably on the Ambassador Program and Valley Electric.

Any Ambassador whose conduct reflects badly on the Ambassador Program can be removed for cause.





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